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Uber’s revenue mix change over last 5 years


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When Covid-19 lockdowns started back in March – 2023, things became dire for Uber overnight.

At that time, 80% of Uber’s revenue came from its Mobility segment (the ride-sharing business that we know Uber for). As lockdowns forced most of us the stay indoors, Uber’s Mobility revenue dropped 68% from Q1-20 to Q2-20.

Uber responded by cutting costs, laying off 3,700 employees globally in May 2020 (~14% of its workforce at that time – LINK)

Things were not great for Uber – However, there was a silver lining.

It had a growing Food Delivery business (Uber Eats) which was primed to take advantage of the lockdowns, as many of us had to rely on Delivery apps to bring us food and groceries.

Uber went all-in on Delivery – revenue from Delivery skyrocketed, increasing 230% in 1 year (from Q1-20 to Q1-21). Uber further supercharged this by acquiring Postmates towards the end of 2020 – a rival delivery business, for $2.65 Billion.

Interestingly, Uber also operates a lesser-known B2B logistics division that connects shippers with carriers, like truckers, for ground transport.

Towards the end of 2021, Uber finally decided to get serious about this business by acquiring Transplace for $2.25 billion. You can read more about Uber Freight here (LINK)

Fast forward to 2023, and Uber is not only much larger, but far more diversified:

  • Total Revenue is 2.7x larger (Q1-23 vs. Q1-20)
  • Mobility (Ride sharing) has also grown by 75% over 3 years (Q1-23 vs Q1-20) but is now only ~50% of total revenue.
  • Delivery and Freight are now meaningfully large businesses – $3.1 billion and $1.4 billion in Q1-23 revenue, accounting for the other half of Uber’s revenue.

Uber not only weathered the Pandemic but emerged from it, stronger and more robust than ever before.

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